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IFIT Montessori: Sandpaper Numbers with Box Sandpaper Numbers with Box
Regular Price: CA$28.00
IFIT Montessori: Trinomial Cube Trinomial Cube
Regular Price: CA$42.00
IFIT Montessori: Binomial Cube Binomial Cube
Regular Price: CA$28.00
IFIT Montessori: Stamp Game Stamp Game
Regular Price: CA$39.00
Sale Price: CA$23.00
Bead Hanger Colored Bead Stair Hanger
Regular Price: CA$24.00
Coloured Bead Chains Short Bead Chains (N Beads)
Regular Price: CA$20.00
IFIT Montessori: Numerical Rods Numerical Rods
Regular Price: CA$73.00
IFIT Montessori: Addition Strip Board Addition Strip Board
Regular Price: CA$28.00
Checker Board Beads Checker Board Beads (10 Sets, C Beads)
Regular Price: CA$32.00
Sale Price: CA$19.00
Golden Bead Bank Game Golden Bead Bank Game (C Beads)
Regular Price: CA$195.00
Sale Price: CA$117.00